Monday, May 30, 2016

Up North: Chapter One

Its always raining in Portland
Chapter One

Juan thought he heard her say, "I love you!" as he walked away, but he wasn't sure.  He could hear his screaming heart beating and feel his blood pumping throughout his body.   Was it her voice, his blood, or the rain?

It was windy

It was cold.  

It was raining hard

He was under grey skies.   They both shuffled away in opposite directions carrying withdrawn dreams turned to cash.  

The air between them cold and wet.

He walked from the ATM to the bus stop.  Tears filled his eyes and he kept wiping them with the sleeve of his black Independent trucks hoodie.

"Fuck, it’s always freezing here!"  Juan thought to himself as he walked down the street.  He had two thermals on under his shirt and hoody, denim pants and a black Dogtown beanie on. 

Oregon/Washington winters were still something hard for him. Even after 10 years.  His fingers reached to make sure he still had his wallet in his pocket.  He couldn’t believe this was all he had left.  HIs backpack, his skateboard and his wallet with few hundred dollars...

The bus finally came and he was soaking wet.  It was cool though, he thought to himself.  The bus was warm and he had over an hour to ride and then transfer to his next ride.  It was a long ride on the bus from Vancouver, WA to Hillsboro, OR--his new residence.  

Juan looked through rain splattered windows--his eyes searched for the sun.

Then he reached into his backpack and pulled out his moist book...

Things were almost completely dry when he got off the bus at his stop in Hillsboro.  It was still raining.  Now he only had to walk 2 miles uphill to his new place.

“I need some sun!”  Juan he repeated to himself as he began his walk.  

He thought about his hometown of San Jose, CA--its warmth and sunshine as he trudged through the rain into his new life.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Royal Pain in the Neck Cannabis Balm Review

Royal Pain in the Neck Balm

This week's review is on a pain balm.  I don't usually go in for these things--the only ones that work seem to make you stink and just kind of burn.   This product actually gets hot and then the cannabis properties kick in and it relieves pain.  I have degenerative disc disease in my neck, and back.  Sometimes the pain is almost unbearable.  Instead of taking a pain pill, I can rub this into my neck and alleviate the pain.  This also works well on my arthritic knees and ankle.

When you first put it on it gets hot and smells of cinnamon and menthol.  The menthol smell dissipates quicker than most--in about 10 minutes it goes away.  It leaves a hint of cinnamon smell on your skin after that.

You don't have to get stoned to alleviate your pain.  Products like this can be used before work, or anytime really.  This is non-psychoactive and really is made with love.  The owner tells me she received the recipe from her best friend's mother way back when.  Now she is trying to help people alleviate their pain with a natural, non-narcotic, non-psychoactive balm. 

This balm gets an A+ rating from me. 

If you are in the Portland area, you can get this product at the Human Collective dispensary.  It is 18.00.

Or you can order it direct from the website for 20.00.

2 ounce container contains balm with this breakdown: THC: 13.04mg CBD: 65.02mg

Here is the description from their website: 
The original all natural formula was developed in the 1980'sby Massage Therapist, Midwife and Author Sharon K. Evans. 
In 2014 the recipe was gifted to Leslie Miller.  With some minor changes andadding a few new ingredients to the mix we have the Royal Pain in the Neck Balm today.
There are two versions of the balm; Original formula without any added cannabinoids.While the second has a non-psychoactive, high CBD cannabis extract
So, if you have aches and pains and are in need of relief please pick up a container of this wonderful balm to get some relief.

Here is a link to the Royal Pain Balm Web site:

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Half and Half

Half and Half

And then she wasn’t there
I can still hear her footsteps
Feel her curl around my ankles
Her meow echoes in my heart

I love you…

Monday, May 9, 2016

Whiteness is Identity Jacking/Identity Jacking is Whiteness

Whiteness tells us our story through the lens of our oppressor?

What does this do to truth, validity, information and the construction of knowledge?

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Hush Cannabis: Alchemist Hash Oil Cartridge

Hush puts out nothing but quality medicine for Oregon Medical Marijuana Program patients. They have a close relationship with Green Source Gardens--which provides the cannabis that is then made into HUSH BHO oil cartridges.  There has been a flood of cartridges into the market, but HUSH has some qualities that make them different.  

  • Organic ingredients
  • Sustainable practices
  • Great variety
  • High THC available

Green Source Gardens!

From the Green Source Gardens Website:

Green Source Gardens is committed to creating rich diversity in our soils which in turn will grow the highest quality medicine possible.  In order to achieve a healthy biological soil ecosystem it requires a commitment to not disturbing the communities of soil life that thrive if left undisturbed. We understand the importance of poly-culture gardens where diverse plant species work in collaboration with one another to achieve their highest potential as medicine. Our gardens are planted with dynamic accumulators that increase aroma, vigor, potency, and overall health.
This is some of the finest organic, no-till agricultural medicine available.  More from their website:
Our methods are rooted in experience and influenced by research, including but not limited to the growing styles dictated by Bio-dynamics, Permaculture, indigenous agriculture, and love. It is time to promote agricultural practices that not only provide results but also heal and build soil.
Picking up my sample

The sample Hush sent me this time was a nice little half gram cartridge of their hybrid Alchemist BHO.  This cartridge is standard size and will fit most pen style vaporizers.

I can't recommend HUSH cartridges enough.  The taste is amazing and pure--there is no butane taste.  The THC level in this product made me happy because I often have a hard time finding higher level (65% and above) cartridges.


Total THC: 70.30%
Total CBD: 1.35%
Total Cannabinoids: 72.47%
This was really great--the taste was amazing and the effects were:

  • Calming
  • Soothing
  • Pain-relieving
  • Relaxing

I would recommend this beautiful tasting pure oil to anyone with chronic or severe pain.  

Ask for Hush cartridges at your local dispensary.  If they don't have them--tell them to order some!

Hush Website: 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Embedded #Whiteness: A Legacy of Brutality

[This is the last installment of a three part series on Whiteness.]

  Whiteness is a concept that describes the cultural, lingual, institutional beliefs, practices and behavior that maintains access to power and reinforces power for White people and people of lighter skin tones.  
This colonial system was created for and by Europeans for the benefit of Europeans. Everything was in relation to the European--this is a hallmark of the concept of Whiteness--that everything is judged in relation to Whiteness and not something else.  
Whiteness is embedded in the fabric of everyday life in the US

The use of patrols to capture runaway slaves was one of the precursors of formal police forces, especially in the South.

Slave patrols were organized groups of three to six white men who enforced discipline upon black slaves during the antebellum U.S. southern states.

The police are still seen by many people to be racial enforcers, they are seen as the colonial strong arm in black and brown neighborhoods--they are most often occupiers--not public servants.

Mistreatment, beatings, rapes, robbing, bribe demands and other behavior is expected by many communities of color when they encounter the police.

I worry that I will be pulled over and shot by a police officer on my daily commute far more than

Famous image of African American flood victims lined up to get food & clothing fr. Red Cross relief station in front of billboard ironically extolling WORLD'S HIGHEST STANDARD OF LIVING/ THERE'S NO WAY LIKE THE AMERICAN WAY. Location: Louisville, KY, US Date taken: February 1937 Photographer: Margaret Bourke-White

African Americans have never been accepted as White.  

They  have been ostracized from the American Way of life for the most part.  

They are colonized subjects within the colony.  

Segregation, lack of educational resources, lack of opportunities are all hallmarks of being Black  in the US.

It behooves those who don’t want these hallmarks to adhere to Whiteness as much as possible.  We see this exemplified in too many POC who have achieved ‘success’ in this society.

This is a screenshot I took from an article on Slate.

What is the implicit message here?

How does it relate to the previous image?

South Bronx 1970’s/slaves quarters,  Colbert Co. AL

Things don’t change much in a society based on Whiteness.

Please think about these images for a moment.

Baltimore or

Contemporary racial disparity based on Whiteness in  Baltimore on the left.

Contemporary racial disparity based on Whiteness in Saskatoon on the right.

Please think about these images for a moment.


This is how Black and brown kids are often treated at school.

Our kids are ‘over disciplined’ from an early age--sometimes from preschool on…

Even after Brown Versus Education schools are still segregated.

Black and Brown schools are patrolled by police and brutality occurs often to students of color.

This can take the form of detentions, or suspensions or other academic marginalization ‘consequences.’

Or it can take the form of violence.  As in the case above (Spring Valley HS in SC), or as seen in several other recent videos of police officers brutalizing students of color.  

This cop was fired. 

Schools should be a place where everyone is welcome.

Schools should and must be supportive of people.

Schools should be accepting, edifying and challenging for ALL students.

Schools need to have disciplinary actions that are non-violent.

Schools should not hold up Whiteness as an ideal of education.

Adheres to and believes in Whiteness.

One other thing about Whiteness is that it can be adhered to by non-white people.  

Many people of color and those who purport to want to help people of color adhere to the system of Whiteness that the educational system upholds, supports and requires of POC who want to succeed.  

I say that this is why we have made little to no progress in equity, diversity and inclusion in our school systems and our society. 
Embedded Whiteness

The brutalities that were used to enforce the racial hierarchies of yesterday are still with us today.They used to come in the form of lynchings--back in the days of Jim Crow....

Now they come in the forms of Police shootings of unarmed African Americans and Latinos in far greater numbers than Whites.  

They come in vigilante shootings of unarmed African Americans, for example--the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

 So, what does this have to do with Education? 

Please think about these questions:

·       How do you see Whiteness relating to Education?
·       Can you think of some examples of Whiteness in Education that you have seen?
·       How can we mitigate Whiteness in Education?
·       Should we mitigate Whiteness in Education?
·       How does Whiteness impact Educational Technology?
·       Does Whiteness come in between the truth and investigators?


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