Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some Facebook Networking Strategies

It is all about relationships.  Even in subject search terms it is about relationships most often.  Lets try to build relationships that are mutually beneficial, create an atmosphere, or community even that allows questions to be asked, information to be shared, collaborations to take place and a structure for future generations. 

Since the recent announcement the Criticas is ceasing publication I've been thinking about how to supplement the ensuing vacuum with some meaningful content. 

So, to further this endeavor I've started a campaign to contact as many libraries and librarians as I can that speak Spanish, who are on Facebook.  If we build some sort of contact infrastructure, first by communicating with one another, and then implementing strategies to collaborate, share, and aid one another then we will go a long way toward filling the vacuum.  We can leverage the power of networking and collaboration to build something that will not be as threatened an entity as a magazine published by mainstream publishers.

With the technology available today we can create our own publishing processes, distribution channels and advertising campaigns. 

So, back to the campaign, search for and share with your friends librarians you meet who speak spanish, have an interest in serving Latinos, etc... and network! 

I search facebook for "Bibliotecarios (or variations of the term)."  When I befriend them and can also scan their friend list and send friend requests to other libraries or librarians who might be relevant to the campaign.

Next suggest these new friends who seem relevant as well.  Build the network, collaborate for community, create relationships that matter and inspire!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Facebook Notes searching function needed...

It would be incredible if we could search our friend's notes. I've been interested in social-searching (searching friends, bookmarks, tweets, sending out questions to my entire FB friend list, and also targeting individuals on FB to ask questions.

If I could search my friend's notes on FB this would give me an even greater ability to social-search.

What do you think?

Is there anyone else interested in this area?

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