Thursday, August 31, 2017

Some Racist Librarian Bullshit...

This is in response to David Lee King's blog post on:
And look at the photo--a photo of a white dude with duct tape on his mouth!!!!
Poor White Dude who can't spout his hate!

Fuck David Lee King! " We stand for the principle that government and public information shouldn’t depend on the whims of the moment.” Quote from Joseph Jane's article that D quoted. It isn't a fucking 'whim' you asshole--maybe to SOME White people Genocide is a whim, the desire for genocide is a whim, or maybe it is that the potential victims are stating a whim that they don't like to be threatened. It isn't neutral if you are backing the ONE side--the white side. Fuck your founding fathers and their rapist bullshit. Fuck Nazi 'free speech.' It sure would be nice if people like mr. King would fight for POC's rights just as much as he is fighting for Nazi rights.



Stop AAPI Hate!