Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Powerocks Super MagicStick Review Part One

I received an email asking if I would review this product recently.  Many friends have shown me their portable charging systems and I have been thinking about getting one--the timing was perfect!

I received my charger within a couple of days and was stoked on how simple and small it is.  

I comes with a USB to mini USB which hooks up the charging unit to your PC, or whatever USB power source you will be using to charge the unit.  

And here it is hooked up to a laptop.

The red light indicates charging.  

Three easy steps:

1) Charge the unit.

2) Connect to your device.

Enjoy your extended battery use.

This device unit also comes with a handy carrying bag.

I will let you know how well it works after I get a chance to charge some devices with it.

Expect my opinion/s soon.

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