Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nope--Ain't Gonna happen

drive around alot--I'm a commuter. On my commute I see political signs
all the time. It is interesting that, in this election, arguably the
most important in a long long time, there are very few presidential
yard signs out in the country where I live. Oh--there are plenty of
local signs--for local elections, but the presidential endorsements are
glaringly lacking.

What this tells me is that most of these people are going to vote for
McCain and Palin, but they are too embarrassed to admit that kind of
idiocy. Its NOT idiocy though--its straight up prejudice. No surprise
there--I mean--we live in a country that enslaves people of color under
the guise of the prison industry.

I hope my observation is wrong, but growing up and living in a white-supremacist society tells me different...

In many ways I think that OBAMA needs to lose in order for things to
get better. Americans don't care about things until they are impacted
by something directly. If mass incarcerations, the nazification of the
united states, constitutional rights erosion, and unjust wars are not
enough to wake up the american people, perhaps they deserve Sarah and
John as their leaders...


hermione danger said...

I sort of have to agree about Obama having to lose for real change to happen. I mean, how pissed and broke and disenfranchised do people have to be before there is a revolution? If McCain wins, then the only reason he won is racism, plain and simple. And we can't blame it on apathetic youth or any fault of Obama's campaign. There are some serious issues to address, and it looks like Obama might address some of them, but I really think the middle class is going to have to suffer a lot more before people will be motivated enough to mobilize. We are too comfortable, too complacent. Only when the middle class feels like the working class does can expect change.

MexicaMax said...

Thanks Hermione,

Yes--if McCain wins it will be on those dirty leanings for sure.

Yes--there are some super serious issues to address. I think the middle class' refusal to acknowledge their addiction to material items they can't afford, and the country's addiction to living on deficits, AND a government that fully supports this attitude by implementing the "bailout" is a great example of placation.

"You can continue to abuse your credit--you just have to pay a few billion dollars."

Keep the complacency going as long as possible is the key to 'stability.'

The fact that we have an "English Only for Children!" ballot this election is evidence that there is this xenophobic/racist/white-supremacist/fear-mongering attitude. I think it is going to come out this election big time.

Lets see what happens--I just got my ballot!

I'm voting for Obama!


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