Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Short Introduction to Social Searching on the Web

Please check out my short presentation. Feedback is MUCH appreciated!


MIS librarian said...

great content Ma but I recommend lightening the text on each of your slides. Much of what you have on your slide should be your talking points not info on the slide. Just something I have read and done. Mark Funk (past president of Medical Library Association) and a colleague of mine have created some tutorials so to speak about creating presentations. I will try to find them for you. Also the Baltimore City Public Library has created delicious lists too if you want to add them to you slides. Nice work and good luck with it.

Matt Hamilton said...

Nice, Max. This makes me think of something in one of our texts for Collection Development about some people preferring to do their information seeking via "informal networks". The formal study of this has always fascinated me.


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