Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin Wins by Not Blowing it

Vice Presidential Debate 2008 HQ (Part 1) 10/02 Palin Biden Debate 2008 - Sarah Palin Joe Biden VP Debate Thursday October 2nd at Washington University in St Louis MO in HIGH QUALITY (Part 1)

Last night's vice presidential debate let me down.  Biden certainly came off looking weak to Reagan democrats and others.  I find it quite hilarious that these voters buy Palin's facetious verbiage last night.  Darn it! 

If Obama and Biden don't want to come off looking like weak people who will pander to terrorists "without preconditions," they will lose many votes.  Americans don't like weak leaders and this could very well be the Obama camp's weak spot.  Americans would rather have a tough idiot for a leader (yes--I'm talking about Palin here and McCain here) than a weak intellectual. 

Obama's middle of the road maneuvers don't set well with foreign policy in a country that is been scared witless by their leaders.  He can count on this strategy to work well domestically, but when it comes to war, or foreign policiy in general, people are pretty much either/or with not much middle ground.

 I really haven't heard anyone talk about this aspect yet.

What do you think?

Getting back to toughness--I think they are coming off weak, no matter how stupid Sarah looked last night when she said she was going to answer her own way she took the power--especially when NOT really challenged by her opponent, or the weak moderator.

I really hope they get the toughness factor going or they will blow it.

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stephjoy said...

I totally agree. Sarah Palin was the leader of the debate. Biden only reacted, he did not act proactively with his words.

When Biden was talking i wanted to fall asleep, sarah was sharp and articulate and spunky!

Okay, so one thing that bothered me was the huge focus on helping the middle class, but none of them mentioned helping the poor and working class.

I wonder why this is? Do poor people think of themselves as middle class? Do poor people not have as much voting power and are not worth the time and effort to speak out to?


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