Saturday, October 17, 2009

Using Social Media to #beatcancer

This is brilliant, just brilliant!

For every mention of #beatcancer on your blog, tweet, or FB status eBay/PayPal and Miller/Coors will donate one cent to breast cancer research!

I read about this in an article posted on Facebook by Stephen Abram written by Genesis Davies:

I can see the potential usage for many different types of organizations here! The potential for collaboration and mutually beneficial projects for sponsors and organizations is incredible. I do not want to speak to soon though. I will be watching how this works closely. Hopefully we can all gain some insight to see the potential of linking ideas together and using them in new ways. I have seen similar campaigns, but never with this kind of sponsorship and potential.

This campaign displays the convergence of several elements:

Social Media content production has grown exponentially over the past two years. The aggregation of SM has improved greatly and allowed for the simple updating of status on various platforms via one post, as well as led to the ability to aggregate SM into readable groups, etc...with applications written for this purpose.

The recent deluge and abilities of visionaries like Brian Solis from the Public Relations industry have been able to merge their worlds with the White Hat Hacker ethic of Sharing and in PR this is a killer APP! The introduction of the business world had me very worried, but I am now seeing the potential to collaborate, as well as pressure business to change the way they operate.

The introduction of Non-profit and other non-business organizations has led to innovative and new practices in PR, outreach and fund-raising. If you are on FB undoubtedly you have been asked to support a cause. Now I am not claiming any huge successes here, but I do claim that just the ability to send a non-offensive, non-intrusive invitation to support a cause is in itself a success! Add to this new tool, Youtube channels, Twitter campaigns, and various other ideas and you have a nice mix of ingredients to choose from. Next add the ability to mix and match them via widgets and API applications--well then we have the foundations for innovative thinking and partnerships to become a reality.

These are just some elements that have led to this kind of campaign. I am truly excited about this and just had to write this short post to let you in on it. This is a short post, not meant to be extensive, but inspiring!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Max: this is a great way to draw attention to or support a cause without getting annoying about it. Combined with a link to more information so people know it's legitimate, a hashtag (name of a topic) symbolizing the cause can be extremely effective. The cause has to have a sponsor of some sort (celebrity or company or both) who will donate the money (the #beatcancer cause receives one penny for each time "#beatcancer" is tweeted in Twitter). This funds the cause and legitimizes it. Great post. I can see why you're excited. For this particular cause, #beatcancer, I tweeted three separate tweets, each in memory of one of my loved ones who died due to cancer. I surprised at my emotion as I did each tweet. I didn't think I'd cry while doing it. Just goes to show you the power of Twitter--it surprises you in so many ways.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Max, as someone who has taken the #VivaViernes and #Latism to comment on at least 5 blogs this weekend, I am so happy that you shared your blog on my blog. I did not know about this and now I do, and this is a great an effective way to harness the power of social media. Gracias mil for posting this and for your amazing passion and dedication to the #Latism community.



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