Thursday, January 27, 2011

Commentary on a Black Power Mixtape Review

This is the idiots post:

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EL_CAPITAN said...

I see you have a like of Derrick Jensen's writings.
I hope you can educate in your community about the dire state of our planet: Civilization's unrelenting assault is finally coming to a head, the life-support systems of Earth are collapsing. If we civilized humans don't choose to end this way of existing, we'll need people who do the work of stopping this insane wétiko culture of death. And these activists will need people like yourself, to spread the knowledge and explain/excuse drastic measures taken in defense of our Earth, and hopefully to get on juries and offer support to activists made POWs by the wétiko State machinery.
Keep up the good work.
Don't be timid and don't let up in raising the awareness on this. The enemies of a free, wild planet certainly don't relent.


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