Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ten D2L Retention Strategies

Ten D2L Retention Strategies
By Max Macias 2/2014

  1. Email the class their assignments for the week via D2L email every Monday to make sure everyone is kept abreast of where they are supposed to be and the time frames for the class.

  1. Create a Google Calendar and share it with the class.  Either embedd it, or send it to your students via email.  Have all the class assignments on entered on the calendar and the due dates clearly stated.  

  1. Embed your Google Class Calendar in your news feed with the D2L embed tool.  Tell your students they can click on events in the calendar and directly copy them to their own personal calendars.

  1. Give clear feedback that lets the student know what they are doing well, and what they need to work on to get the outcomes for the class.   

  1. Make comments on the student’s documents with the “insert comment” tool.  

  1. Contact Students via Dropbox list, when dropbox assignments are late.  Simply check off the boxes next to the student names who have not turned in the assignment, then click “email” and you can BCC these students with the message that that particular assignment is late.

  1. Listen to the students and work with them when it comes to due dates and turning in missing assignments.  We want the students to learn, not just to turn assignments in on time.  While a schedule is vital, so is human understanding and family life.  

  1. Use your student evaluation feedback to help you improve retention.  Students will tell us much of what they need, either different time frames for assignments, or suggestions in content change can be helpful in retaining students.  

  1. Use CPN* notification system to notify students who are falling behind, or who are doing well in the class.  This is an official notification and carries more weight than an email “reminder” from the instructor.

  1. Use the CPN system repeatedly, giving both affirmations and reminders that work is due and that the student can still pass the class.

     *Course Progress Notification system

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