Friday, February 20, 2015

Cannabis Pharmacy--a Book Your Library Needs...

Book Review!

Cannabis Pharmacy By Michael Backes

Michael Backes has done a great service by producing this wonderful book on medical cannabis.

His book covers a nice portion of material on cannabis and related subjects.  It is often hard to get all this material in one book.

Cannabis as medicine has a long history of usage.  

Here are the contents:

Contents of book.  Click image to enlarge.

This wonderful resource is broken into logical chunks of information for readers who want to learn about medical cannabis.  

Mr. Backes gives a great historical and social perspective on cannabis that is well-researched and is put in terms that the average reader can understand.

Adverse side effects are covered and explicated.

He then goes on to describe what makes the particular varieties of cannabis and shows a large sample of strains that have been developed by breeders.

Varieties of medical cannabis

He explains in detail the history, genetics and different types of cannabis strains and how they can be used to treat medical conditions. 

Strains of cannabis explained.

His notes and citations of different strains are profusely explained and the medical uses are broken out in handy little highlights.  

Disorders and other illnesses that can be treated with cannabis.
The notes and bibliography of this book are worth looking and and owning.  He even includes a handy glossary to help readers understand cannabis technical language.  

Book includes great notes.

I highly recommend this book for public libraries in states where cannabis is either medically legal, or recreational use is legal.  It would also be a nice addition to an academic library.  His writing is clear, cogent and to the point.  If you are looking for a primer on medical cannabis for your patrons--this book fits the bill nicely.  After July people will not need a medical cannabis card to purchase cannabis in Oregon.  I would anticipate that libraries will be getting questions on cannabis and also will be asked for resources.  Start building your collection now.  My local library is on it--that is where I found this book.  

Max with book from public library.


JanaStarlite said...

Thanks for this review. Nice to see that they are keeping up with the times.

Michael Backes said...

Glad you enjoyed my book, Max. Thank you for your very kind review.

Michael Backes


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