Sunday, September 20, 2015

Guest Interview for a Multicultural Library Science Class

Yes, that is a Grumpy T-shirt.  

Here is a link to an short interview I did for a multicultural librarian graduate course:

These are the questions I covered:

  Questions for 825 Interviews 

 1. Will you please introduce yourself to the class and briefly describe your current library and position as well as the path that led you to librarianship? 

 2. In this course, we are exploring how libraries can best meet “the recreational, cultural, informational, and educational needs of African American, Asian American, Latina/o, Native American, and bi/multiracial children, young adults, and adults.” In what ways does your racial/ethnic identity enable you to meet these needs in your library? 

 3. As a patron in libraries throughout your life, you have probably had both positive and negative experiences related to access and collections. How have these experiences shaped your work as a professional, particularly in regard to serving racially/ethnically diverse? 

 4. What, if any, institutional barriers have you seen in your library with regard to better serving racially/ethnically diverse users? 

 5. EITHER a. If you are a member of one or more of the ethnic caucuses, please speak to how your membership has expanded your ability to better serve users. b. Would you please speak briefly to how your race/ethnicity informs you as a professional, particularly with regard to the social justice aspects of librarianship?

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ramontrane said...

Great responses, great interview. Thanks for sharing it.



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