Sunday, May 22, 2016

Royal Pain in the Neck Cannabis Balm Review

Royal Pain in the Neck Balm

This week's review is on a pain balm.  I don't usually go in for these things--the only ones that work seem to make you stink and just kind of burn.   This product actually gets hot and then the cannabis properties kick in and it relieves pain.  I have degenerative disc disease in my neck, and back.  Sometimes the pain is almost unbearable.  Instead of taking a pain pill, I can rub this into my neck and alleviate the pain.  This also works well on my arthritic knees and ankle.

When you first put it on it gets hot and smells of cinnamon and menthol.  The menthol smell dissipates quicker than most--in about 10 minutes it goes away.  It leaves a hint of cinnamon smell on your skin after that.

You don't have to get stoned to alleviate your pain.  Products like this can be used before work, or anytime really.  This is non-psychoactive and really is made with love.  The owner tells me she received the recipe from her best friend's mother way back when.  Now she is trying to help people alleviate their pain with a natural, non-narcotic, non-psychoactive balm. 

This balm gets an A+ rating from me. 

If you are in the Portland area, you can get this product at the Human Collective dispensary.  It is 18.00.

Or you can order it direct from the website for 20.00.

2 ounce container contains balm with this breakdown: THC: 13.04mg CBD: 65.02mg

Here is the description from their website: 
The original all natural formula was developed in the 1980'sby Massage Therapist, Midwife and Author Sharon K. Evans. 
In 2014 the recipe was gifted to Leslie Miller.  With some minor changes and adding a few new ingredients to the mix we have the Royal Pain in the Neck Balm today.
There are two versions of the balm; Original formula without any added cannabinoids.While the second has a non-psychoactive, high CBD cannabis extract
So, if you have aches and pains and are in need of relief please pick up a container of this wonderful balm to get some relief.

Here is a link to the Royal Pain Balm Web site:

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