Saturday, July 1, 2017

#EthnicStudies + LIS education = Change

We need critical information studies now!

EthnicStudies Readings + LIS education = some good shit. 

Are there any Ethnic-studies based LIS classes in the US? 

I draw much of my inspiration and my thinking is different than most of my colleagues because of my exposure to writers like #Acuña #Fanon#Newton #Baldwin #Peltier #Churchill #RobertFWilliams #MalcolmX#SubcomandanteMarcos #bellhooks and others...

We need something like this to help create change in LIS.

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Angel Rivera said...

I got my exposure to those writers in graduate school as an English major (with an interest in ethnic studies). Library school? Pshaw, nothing, not even a nod. For all the talk about "social justice" and service the profession likes to do, the profession's schools are seriously lacking.

Best, and keep on blogging.


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