Wednesday, April 23, 2008

White-supremacist scum like this...

White-supremacist scum like this are the reason we are experiencing so many attacks right now. It is NOT just "illegal immigrants," Who happen to be indenenous peoples--who have a right to be ANYWHERE on this continent--its also a general attack on Mexicans and other people's from the south.

Video of the anti-American congressman.

We have a racist bill attacking us in AZ, kids have been sodomized, there have been hate crimes committed at my place of employment, there is a full and sustained attack going on.

We won't put up with this.

What have we done? We are here to work, to improve our lives and to live. History has shown, no matter how "white (What I mean by this is trying to uphold the ideology of the Anglo-American--which is fundamentally white-supremacist as it is based on Western civilization)" we try to become--we will NEVER be accepted.

What to do?

Organize, get together with your people and educate them. Participate in the democratic process no matter how disgusting it is.


Royce said...

"How dare you?"
That was awesome! I am surprised she didn't lob that gavel at his head. You could tell she was pissed off.

But you are correct, hatred is institutionalized in this country. You are talking about a country where no matter how you feel about your personal identity, we are going to slap "-american" on the end of it. Our way of saying, "not so fast, mofo. We place you in your category of our choice."

Arizona is fricked. I worked with people whose parents were from Mexico. The denial of cultural heritage was sickening. And nothing will make your heart sink more than hearing someone one generation removed from their country of origin calling people 'spics' and 'wetbacks' AND MEANING IT!

There really are some stupid people out there, and it sucks that we make it easy for them to remain stupid.

MexicaMax said...

I'm glad you brought up the 2nd/3rd generation loathing of people coming from Mexico. This is not something often talked about, at least in public. As a matter of fact, I have several people in my family who are so colonized that they do call people from Mexico--who are exactly like themselves--derogatory names.

This is a colonialism.

We are taught that our county is superior to others, and that if you are an American, or consider yourself an American--then you are part of the epitome of Western Civilization. I don't know how much longer this con can go on however, as we are rapidly becoming a second-rate country.

The White-supremacist ideology doesn't just exist in White society--it permeates all Ethnic cultures in the US and its colonies. The idea that the more American you act, and even better, the lighter your skin it, means you are MORE American and therefore better/superior.

Of course many people of color never recognize that the chances of them being recognized by general American culture as real Americans are slim to say the least. I mean look at any Latino luminary--they are Latino first--before anything.

It is never, or very rare for someone to bring up a White persons ethnicity when they are luminaries--they are writers, politicians, artists first--not Euro-writers, Euro-politcians, etc...

Colonialism teaches people how to hate themselves for who they are. This is directly related to the auto-genocide we see in the Mexican and black gangs. They hate each other/themselves so much they are willing to kill and imprison themselves to support the oppressive system that they live within.

Thanks Royce!


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