Thursday, March 6, 2014

Powerocks Super MagicStick Review Part Two

I've had the Super MagicStick since November and it has served me well.

From recharging my Iphone on a snow hike to recharging my Iphone on my nightstand, it is a great tool and I recommend it.

Small and portable, I can throw it in my backpack, or put in in a pocket.  I like the various colors they come in and the price is decent.

It charges my phone pretty fast and stores two full charges.  

If you are in the market for a charger for your phone--it has a USB and Micro USB plug--so it is can be used on many phone models.  

The price range is from 22.00 to about 30.00 depending on where you purchase the product.

Product Features

  • Has a one-amp charge rate (same as home chargers)

  • Depending on your phone's battery, you can get one-two full charges from one Magicstick charge

  • Large capacity 2600mAh portable battery keeps your cell phone or smartphone powered while on the go

  • Small and convenient for traveling

  • Compatible with cell phones, smartphones, and media players

  • Has one USB port with 5V / 1A output for rapid charging

  • Recharge via the included Micro-USB charging cable

  • Features a charge-level indicator

  • Powers iPhone, Android phones, other smartphones, and many other devices

  • Environmentally friendly (ROHS compliant)

  • CE, UL, FCC approved

Check out Powerocks Super MagicStick!

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